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Tomahawk Steak

The Tomahawk Steak! A dining experience not to be missed at Ocean's Italian Restaurant

Ocean’s Italian restaurant at Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort and Spa recently introduced the mighty Tomahawk ribeye steak to the menu. Don’t miss trying this delicious and juicy 1.4 KG piece of meat!

Tomahawk: 1.4 Kg Rib Steak
Served with: Peppercorn sauce | Tartar sauce | Dijon mustard | Green Salad | French fries | Brocoli
Price: THB 2,999++ per couple

THB 2,999++ with 2 glasses of wine

Tomahawk Tomahawk TomahawkTomahawk

What is Tomahawk?

The Tomahawk steak is the most visually impressive steak you can eat, giving an ultimate “Wow” effect. The steak is cut from the fore rib with the entire bone left intact.  The Tomahawk is cut based on the thickness of the rib bone and is usually 5 cm/2 inches thick. The long bone is french-trimmed, leaving an amazing presentation.

When & Who should try Tomahawk?

A Tomahawk makes an ideal sharing steak for a special occasion or romantic meal, because it can easily feed two people or more. If you like bone-in steaks such as T-bone or Porterhouse, you’ll love the Tomahawk Steak. We serve it with peppercorn sauce, red wine sauce, 2 kinds of mustard, Truffle mashed potato and French fries.

Our Tomahawk Steak is available at Ocean’s Italian restaurant, Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort & Spa. 24-hour advance booking is required. For inquiries and reservations, please contact us at +66 76 358 666 or send an email to Advance reservation required.

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