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Kathu Waterfall Phuket is one of the attractions in Phuket best to be visited at the end of the monsoon season running from September to November . The waterfall is located half way between Patong and Phuket Town. It consists in a series of natural cascades located at different levels in the jungle of Phuket.


The first level of Kathu Waterfall Phuket consists in a first sandy pool where kids can refresh themselves and play. During the weekend, locals love to head there for a picnic with their family.  The second level is accessible thanks to a small concrete path. It is smaller but more natural. You can get access to the third level by following a dirt trail. The fourth level of Kathu Waterfall Phuket is the most challenging one to reach as it requires a bit of rock climbing. While not bigger than the first two cascades, the two latest ones may be less crowded and provide a fresh respite below the shade of the trees. The end of monsoon season, bringing the fresh water from the rain, is the best time to visit Kathu Waterfall Phuket as it brings large flows of water. Nonetheless, it is advised not to go there when it’s raining as the rocks tend to be slippery.

At the bottom of Kathu Waterfall Phuket, you will be able to buy water and snacks from various food stalls. If you wish to explore the area, the waterfall is an easy stopover on your way to Flying Hanuman Phuket. This attraction is also not far away from Loch Palm Golf Club Phuket.

Kathu Waterfall Phuket is located 30 minutes away from Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort and Spa.

For more information, please contact the tour desk of our Karon beach resort.

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